Worcester White Ribbon Day Event

  • Thursday, March 15, 2018
  • 6:30 PM
  • St. John's High School, Shrewsbury, MA - the Jay Center

Jackson Katz, whose ground-breaking documentary film, Tough Guise, took the world by storm in 1999 as we entered a new millennium.  Now he has created Tough Guise 2:  Violence, Manhood and American Culture, a magnificent follow-iup to the original film.  In honor of the annual White Ribbon Day commemoration in Massachusetts, please come and attend a showing of this powerful, thought-provoking and timely film.

The film runs for 78 minutes.  We will follow the film with an audience discussion period, moderated by Dr. Evan Graber, a local licensed clinical psychologist who has presented many workshops on the subject of redefining healthy masculinity.  All are welcome; parents (Moms, and ESPECIALLY Dads), teachers, coaches...everyone.  In terms of age, it is probably best suited to an audience of high school age kids and up.  Please plan on joining us!

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