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This page is for Organizational Registration for Affiliates of 
Jane Doe Inc.'s Massachusetts White Ribbon Day Campaign.

The Massachusetts White Ribbon Day Pledge reads:

From this day forward, I promise to be part of the solution
in ending violence against women and gender based violence.

Affiliate organizations promote White Ribbon Day within their own constituency and plan to operate an  engagement activity for men and boys in their locality during the calendar year. Affiliates give permission for their organizational name to be published on White Ribbon Day print and web materials.  Please read this document with details about what it means to be a White Ribbon Day Affiliate.

After completing the form below, please take a few minutes to fill out a survey and tell us more about your plans for White Ribbon Day.

SPECIAL NOTE: Required:  If you are not a member of Jane Doe Inc., we require that you notify your local sexual assault and/or domestic violence organization of your intention to organize a men's engagement activity associated with the White Ribbon Day Campaign.  Please indicate on the survey which organization you have notified.  Thanks.

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The JDI Community Portal is a registration site for our public events as well as a password protected site
for staff at JDI and JDI member programs as well as the JDI Board of Directors and
White Ribbon Day  Affiliates and Ambassadors. 

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