JDI Training Institute

Welcome to the JDI Training Institute!

You'll find events, trainings, and workshops listed below.  Some events are open only to JDI members and some are open by invitation only.   Some of these events are sponsored solely by JDI and others are presented in partnership with other organizations.

In order to sign up for an event or training, you must complete the registration process.

It's an easy system.  Simply click on “Show Details” to get more information about the event or click on “Register” if you are ready to sign up.

      • If you have not signed up in this system before, follow the prompts to create a new record (also called your profile.  Be sure to note the email address and password for future reference.
      • If you have signed up before, simply enter your email address and it will associate this registration with your record.  You can update any contact information in your profile.

If there is no fee for the event, it will show as "Free" when you register.


If you are a staff member at a JDI member program or MA Funded Rape Crisis Center, you can find materials in two places.

1) JDI's Youtube Channel there's a “JDI Webinars and Trainings” Playlist:  https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLeYhbmanIXbr1kXX2W-h8CjOIt2x25AaF

2)  Jane Doe Inc. Training Institute Materials and Resourceshttp://janedoeinc.memberlodge.org/page-1340726

The JDI Community Portal is a registration site for our public events as well as a password protected site
for staff at JDI and JDI member programs as well as the JDI Board of Directors and
White Ribbon Day  Affiliates and Ambassadors. 

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